GOD’S ANNUAL FEAST DAYS CALENDAR FOR 2018

          1.     Passover- Friday- March 30 – (1 Day) (Passover Ceremony will be held on

                 Thursday,  March 29, at 7 pm).

          1A  The Night To Be Much Observed (NTBO) will be on Friday, March 30 from

                 8pm – 9:30pm  (Exod. 12: 42)

          2     Feast of Unleavened Bread – Saturday- March 31 to Friday- April 6 (Total of

                 7 Days)  (First and Last Day are Sabbaths unto the Lord)

          3.    Feast of Pentecost – Sunday – May 20th (1 Day)

          4.    Feast of Trumpets – Monday – September 10 (1 Day)

          5.    The Day of Atonement – Wednesday – September 19 – (1Day)

          6.    Feast of Tabernacles – Monday- September 24 to Sunday-September 30

                 which continues into the

          7.    Last Great Day–Monday– October 1st (Total of 8 Days)

Before God made man he made provision for man to be spiritually sustained.  The word "seasons" in Genesis 1:14 not only refers to Spring, Summer Autumn and Winter, but also refers to the Hebrew word "moed" which means times of Holy Convocation/times of worship . In Leviticus 23 we read the specifics concerning the annual Feast Days of God, which He provided for mankind. Salvation is by the grace of God and our reward will depend on our works through faith in God; we read this in Rev. 22:12-14.