First Century

             Church of God

A Brief Definition of the Bible

By Beverlie E. Ramocan-Woodand

The Bible is a legal document that is engendered by God's love for humanity. It represents a covenant which is a binding agreement that God made with Israel, contingent upon their obedience to His commands. Those of us that He chooses to become kings and priest unto Him are required to serve Him and keep His Commandments. This must be driven by the passion of our first-love for Him. If done otherwise, will be unacceptable to God and become legalistic.

The Bible is comprised of Laws, statutes, ordinances, judgments, covenants, grace provisions, testaments (old and new) a testator, a supreme judge, local judges (true Christians within God's Church) and recorded cases as precedents to be guided by in decision making.  The main message of the Bible is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God , which also includes the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus who paid the final sacrifice for the sins of mankind.

The Bible speaks of a Kingdom that is called the Kingdom of God; with a King whose name is Jesus. Those whom He calls are being trained to become kings and priests unto Him when He returns to Earth. They will be the first resurrection saints that will be caught up to meet Him in the air along with those who are alive and remain in Him, to go with Him to Mount Zion in Jerusalem, the Capital of the world. These are the saints that will teach the rest of humanity the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.