First Century

             Church of God

                                                      FEAST REPORT             
                                                                  FEAST OF TABERNACLES – 2016
                                                                         BALTIMORE, MARYLAND

First Century Church of God, in partnership with the Church of God International is pleased to report another wonderful and successful Feast of Tabernacles in Baltimore, Maryland. In attendance were brethren from the Island of Jamaica, Canada, Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, California, Georgia, Virginia, New York and the surrounding areas of Maryland.

The on-going theme of the Feast has been God’s Plan for Humanity: The Millennium and Beyond. Our Feast moderator, Elder Mark Ellis did a tremendous job in conducting and directing services.  On the first Holy Day of the Feast we had 39 in attendance and on the Last Great Day there were 36. During the week, we had 7 more in attendance; three of which were visitors as a result of our community outreach; our total attendance was 46. The capacity was for 40.

Brethren are still sharing their experience of enrichment from the knowledge and inspiration they received from the Word of God, presented by the various speakers: Pastor George Ramocan, Elder John Carnegie, Elder Mark Ellis, Min. Richard Wright, Min. Hank Briody and Deacon Hopeton Anderson. Our music department under the direction of Bro. Mark Lawrence and Sis. Kelly-Ann Boyne provided
amazing musical renditions with great inspiration for all.  

Our Youth Program was a glorious success. Under the direction and supervision of Deaconess Vadim Sealy, Sis. Daphne Costley and Sis. Nicole Ellis, our youth and teens took the opportunity to amaze their parents and everyone else with their amazing performances. They were extraordinary in all their activities. The youngest of the group - 2yr old Joshua; when asked, what word would he use to describe the Feast; he said “Amazing!” we were all surprised at his response. Sis. Celia Thompson and Sis. Kadeen Bell-Wright were instrumental in making the program a great success. 

This year, the tone of our Fun Show took a more serious note. Instead of the normal expectations, deaconess Sharon Woodland gave our seniors an opportunity to share their conversion experience and words of encouragement with the group. Those of us who were being challenged in our commitment to God’s call upon our lives; particularly, new converts, were encouraged and strengthened by their testimonies.  We had brethren tearing-up here and there; this was an awesome experience for everyone.

Each year we look forward to the Jamaica Night Social; moreso because of the awesome food and fellowship we share. The food was spectacular as always. It was catered and served with a touch-of-class and was well presented with love and much warmth.  For our folk-songs celebration, we were blessed to have with us this year, our very own, Sis. Lola Ramocan who coordinated the folk songs for our group. Jamaican flags were given to everyone for this celebration. We were also blessed to have Deacon Thyon Woodland with us for this event. We all had a great time singing and celebrating the Jamaican culture.

Our day of Sports was one-of-a-kind. We had a remarkable day at the Park. Lots of games and much fun. Thanks again to Min. Hank Briody who provided so much food - we were stuffed. The discussions were edifying and very informative and the fellowship was awesome.  

Pastor Woodland and the brethren of First Century Church of God take this opportunity to once again thank Elder Mike James and the brethren of CGI Gaithersburg for their kind assistance and support each year towards the Feast of Tabernacles. Thanks, and appreciation once again to the Feast speakers of CGI Toronto and New York, for their kind assistance and support in making the Feast of Tabernacles here in Baltimore, Maryland a great success. Pastor Woodland invites feast goers to keep checking our website  or  for 2017 Feast of Tabernacles updates.